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Review: The Girl

— by FIANNA MacGREGOR — They say you should never meet your heroes. After having been a teaching assistant in a couple of Hitchcock classes, I feel like he was a hero of sorts. The Birds was one of the scariest films I had seen as a child but I admit that I was more […][...]

Review: The Flat

— by FIANNA MacGREGOR — I watch a lot of genocide films since they are a large part of what I’m studying. This, of course, means watching more than my fair share of Holocaust films. Although not directly about the Holocaust, The Flat is a strange and unexpected story about the disc[...]

Short Film: True Skin

— by FIANNA MacGREGOR — I am always disappointed when a lot of time and money is wasted on a film that isn’t well thought out. True Skin is one of those films. How do you make a film with such high-concept visual effects without thinking about the plot and whether or not it makes [&hel[...]

Short Film: Tumbleweed

— by FIANNA MacGREGOR — Since this is my first review for It’s Just Movies, you aren’t aware that I love shorts. I mean, I really, really LOVE shorts. They are usually the most innovative and amazing films around. Granted, some are terrible, but that’s to be expected in everything.[...]