Brandon Routh in ‘The Twilight Cycles’

Brandon Routh is part of a parody of “Twilight” for Funny or Die in this clip called “The Twilight Cycles” (the name will make sense when you watch it). This clip is possibly not safe for work, so you may want to wait to watch it if you are on your work computer. Bella is played by Martha MacIsaac of “Superbad.”

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  1. Kent #

    Gross, but humorous.

  2. Kat #


  3. stargazer #

    I like it! It’s not for everybody… it’s pretty twisted, 😛 but I find it very funny. Brandon makes a much hotter vamp than the guy from the movie. 😀 Both Brandon and Martha did a very good job!

  4. 4

    That’s insane, but funny.

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