Comic-Con: If Not San Diego, Where?

— by H.G. WATSON —

For nerds of all kinds, the city of San Diego, Calif., is synonymous with one event: Comic-Con. But in 2012, Comic-Con may leave San Diego behind. Comic-Con International’s contract with San Diego is up, and the increasing popularity of the event has left organizers seeking a city that can accommodate the hoards of fans (read more about it here).

The most likely candidate is Anaheim, Calif., but if you got to choose the location for nerd Mecca, where would you put it?

A few suggestions, if I may:

Los Angeles

Pros: LA is far more accessible than San Diego, making it easier for nerds to flock there. Plus, a majority of the talent that attends Comic-Con lives in LA. And, as an added bonus, many nerds get their first exposure to attractive women when starlets and “stars” of various MTV reality shows show up to appeal to the fanboy demographic.

Cons: The blinding beauty of LA inhabitants may scare off many of the Con’s regular attendees, leaving only the Twilight fangirls to own the floor. They appreciate a little sparkle. We also know how out of control LA crowds can get after exciting events (thanks, Laker fans!). Con will never be the same after the “Justice League Riots” of 2013.

New York

Pros: NYC is very nerd friendly, hosting various cons throughout the year and generally being tolerant of all types of dress. Fanboys will fit right in with New York hipsters who will secretly be jealous that they don’t know who Gail Simone or Geoff Johns are. Geek self-esteem will be inflated as a result, and lead to a dramatic rise in the consumption of Pabst Blue Ribbon for the duration of the Con.

Cons: NY is fashion’s capital, and there’s no reason that some fashionista’s wouldn’t play a part in the events. Imagine Project Runway’s Tim Gunn judging the cosplay contest. All the 15-year-olds dressed as Akira would be reduced to tears. The hipsters would retreat to Brooklyn once they remembered that Daniel Clowes is the only “graphic artist” acceptable to publically like, reminding the geeks why they hated all those cool kids to begin with.


Pros: Vancouver isn’t known as a nerd hot-spot outside of the people who watch Smallville. But they did just successfully pull off one of the biggest sporting events in the world. How hard can it be to make the jump to Comic-Con? And Vancouver already has an excellent icon for the Con. Just a few changes to the Olympic torch and-TA DA-you have Superman’s Fortress of Solitude! Can you say “Man of Steel” tie-in?

Cons: Vancouver may not be known for nerd culture, but it is sure as heck is known for its cannabis culture. Vancouver Con would mark the first time that fans couldn’t speak after viewing exclusive movie clips. Not because they were in awe, but because they were so high they couldn’t comprehend what they had just viewed. “So Tony Stark is … Iron Man? AND SHERLOCK HOLMES? WHOA.”

All joking aside, where would you stick Comic-Con if you could choose its location? Leave your thoughts in the comments section at right.

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  1. moviefan #

    i never been to a comic con before. Which i would love to go some day. Sucks being so far away from any of the big ones. But yea it would be a bit disapointing if it moved from San diego for another location. I hope it will stay where it is.

  2. 2

    Well Las Vegas get my first vote cause it think it can definitely accommodate the crowds… As a New Yorker I would love to see come to my neck of the woods… Although any where along the east coast would be a nice change of pace. Vancouver would be cool just because i’ve never been there =)

  3. Josue #

    Vegas sounds good! But what about Miami! Perfect weather, beaches and all kinds of different cultures. Do it!!

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