Exclusive: Two Clips from ‘Saint John of Las Vegas’ Introduced by Writer-Director Hue Rhodes

Hi, I’m Hue Rhodes, the writer/director of “Saint John of Las Vegas.” быстрый займ без отказа на карту

You might ask, what is the deal with women in this movie? Strippers in wheelchairs, women who like hair pulling … what are you trying to say?

Good question.

Anyone who knows a stripper personally understands how businesslike sexual attraction can be. From the first hello to your last $20, it is a purely financial dynamic.

Conversely, boring cubicle life can be sexual. Office conversation is surprisingly risque, and it only escalates on business trips and corporate boondoggles.

So maybe I’m saying that as sex becomes more commercialized, commerce takes on a more sexual tone.

Or maybe I just thought the hair tug and the neck brace were funny.

Hue Rhodes

@huerhodes (twitter)

Editor’s Note: “Saint John of Las Vegas” — which features Steve Buscemi, Sarah Silverman, Romany Malco, Peter Dinklage, Tim Blake Nelson, Emmanuelle Chriqui and John Cho — will hit theaters starting Feb. 1. It’s Just Movies thanks Hue Rhodes for this exclusive write-up of two clips from his movie.

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  1. Mo GB #

    Great clips and an entertaining prelude. Well done!

  2. Q #

    This movie just went up on my radar. Very nice.

  3. Disco #

    This is great. Add me to the group that wants to see this movie now. And what a great cast.

  4. H Solo #

    Looks like a good movie. I’m up for seeing it.

  5. Q #

    Can’t wait for this …

  6. Kat #

    I may see this now! Looks good!

  7. Mo GB #

    I had a chance to check this out. Quality flick.

  8. Josue Sanchez #

    extraordinary! i can wait! love most of the actors here. 😉

  9. Darth Slater #

    Nice. I still want to see this.

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