First Look: ‘Hop’


Now, some people may consider a movie about the Easter Bunny to be a movie geared towards children, but as soon as I took a peek at the cast of the new film “Hop,” I about hopped with joy.

Russell Brand, ladies and gentlemen, is going to be playing an Easter Bunny who gets hit by a car. Right there… I don’t care how bad the movie turn out to be, I am going to go see it opening day. I think the potential for hilarious antics is too high not miss.

Also if you are a fan of the Showtime program “Weeds” (as I am) you may also be happy to hear that former cast member Elizabeth Perkins has just joined the cast. Also, “Death at a Funeral” and “X-Men” star James Marsden is playing one of the main characters (named Fred).

Very few details are known about the plot of the film, though like anyone would expect it’s geared more towards children — but also I think it’s going to be like “Shrek” and have enough slightly off-color humor to satisfy parents. I think because Brand is one of the stars that if you are under the age of 25, you may be able to get away seeing this film without having to drag your younger siblings with you.

No trailer, poster, or even release date has been revealed thus far, but I have to say, if the confirmed cast is any kind of teaser, “Hop” is going to one too keep a look out for because I have to say that this may be one children’s movie I will have to go see in theaters.

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