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Devoted fans of the cult-hit films “The Boondock Saints” and “The Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day” now have a kick-ass movie companion to add to their collection and it’s come in the form of comics. “Boondock Saints: In Nomine Patris” is written by creator/writer/director of the films Troy Duffy with the aid of J.B. Love. Artwork for the comics was done by Guus Floor and the covers are by Chris Brunner. “In Nomine Patris” is a series said to be the conceptual idea of a deleted or extended sequence which expands on plot points in “All Saints Day.” Readers follow the McManus Brothers as they dive head-first into the secret origins of the “Original Saint,” also known as Il Duce. Vengeance is never more than a pitter patter behind the violent bloody path of the brothers; it is their legacy, it is family, it is why we can’t get enough.

While reading the first installment of “In Nomine Patris,” I had the soundtrack to “All Saints Day” blasting in my ears, and it made for a perfect companion to the comic. Let’s face it, with some anthem rock titles coupled with some classic Irish diddies, as well as some old style Italian chords, who wouldn’t feel like kickin’ some ass, or at least vying for Connor and Murphy as they avenge their fates? Jeff Danna provides the score for the soundtrack and has said that he loved the combination of sounds that the brothers inspire. Danna used an Italian fiddle, an accordion and crotales to capture the essence of Noah’s younger years. Other artists on the OST include Ty Stone, The Dirges, Radiant-X, Sean C, and of course, Taylor Duffy and The Boondock Saints. The soundtrack would not be complete without Blood Of Cu Chulainn 2010 — it’s familiar, it’s updated, it’s a little grungy take on a Celtic muse. “The Saints Are Coming” is the be-all end-all track for me; it is the ultimate paean for the brothers McManus. One of the other very memorable tracks for me was Sean C’s “Balls Deep.” I can’t help but laugh every time I hear the chorus, eat your hearts out Flanery and Reedus!

Fans of the Saints will be pleased with the comics I think. When movies end, sometimes we aren’t fulfilled, and as any “Boondock Saints” fan knows, we can never have too much. The comics are a doorway to new story-lines, parallel story-lines, and back stories. “In Nomine Patris” displays a parallel between Il Duce and his crew in the ’50s and Connor and Murphy in the present. It ends with a classic “to be continued” to keep us hanging on and thirsty.

Norman Reedus and Sean Patrick Flanery have always been fan pleasers, and not in a corny fake way, but in a very appreciative way. Never too busy to sign a CD, a comic, a DVD, or giveaway prizes, they truly connect with their fans and it really is what makes it easy to stay loyal. I am more of a fan because of their welcoming nature and will continue to follow the McManus brothers in their comic ventures.

I have always been a comic reader, so it only makes sense in my brain to mate one of the most successful independent film franchises with a comic series. Check it out, whether you are a long-time loyal fanatic, or just getting turned onto the Saints. With “In Nomine Patris,” there’s blood, there’s f-bombs, there’s a calling card (La Bocca Sanguinante), and there’s even tattoo removal. I was only able to find one thing missing … the blasted rope.

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  1. Adam Poynter #

    It been years since I’ve seen The Boondock Saints. I need to re-watch it then see All Ssinrs Dsy then maybe Ill be able to read the comics. Great Article, i can see your knowledge of the story in the details of your article!

  2. Jessika #

    Thanks babe! I <3 the saints!

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