Four Clips from ‘Black Death’


Violence. Check. Bubonic Plague. Check. Suspected witches. Check. Rising from the dead? Check that one off as well, because that is the story brought to us in “Black Death.”

The clips below show the barbaric actions taken in a small village in England during the initial breakout of bubonic plague. A monk learns that people are being brought back to life in said village and must investigate the matter further. Definitely a time piece shoved down your throat.

From the looks of it, even though I am not a huge fan of period pieces, “Black Death” has something in it that I will appreciate — blood and guts. The language and landscapes seem very authentic, which is always hard to nail down in a film from a historical era. Bad accents and language patterns are two of my biggest pet peeves. But this one looks like it will deliver in that aspect. That being said, aside from the barbarian-esque gore and lack of mercy, I fear the plot may fall a bit flat on this one. I could be wrong and would gracefully take being proven wrong.

“Black Death” is most definitely rental-worthy and will be in my queue, granted that it will be offered to watch instantly. I won’t be going out of my way to catch this one, even though it falls in one of my favorite genres: horror.

Hopefully, I will be pleasantly surprised with the follow-through. And just a little secret for you, one of the reasons I’m a little turned off by this flick is actor Eddie Redmayne. Absolutely no disrespect to him, but after watching “Savage Grace,” I was thoroughly disturbed by both him and Julianne Moore. So actually, this is a huge compliment to Redmayne, as this just means he did his job exceptionally well in that particular film. But he gave me the heebie jeebies none-the-less!

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