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Review: The Aeronauts

— by RON WILKINSON — A bit beyond the usual road trip, two balloon adventurers find themselves trapped in a spinning coffin thousands of feet up. Starting off like Natalie Wood and Tony Curtis in “The Great Race,” their gas balloon an idyllic boat on a heavenly pond, they end up in t[...]

Eddie Redmayne receives The Maserati Award

Last night, at the 32nd Turin Film Festival, British actor Eddie Redmayne was awarded the exclusive Maserati Award. The House of the Trident chose to award a young talent with the commemorative statue of the Fountain of Neptune in Bologna, the precious monument that inspired Mario Maserati to create[...]

Four Clips from ‘Black Death’

— by JESSIKA OWENS — Violence. Check. Bubonic Plague. Check. Suspected witches. Check. Rising from the dead? Check that one off as well, because that is the story brought to us in “Black Death.” The clips below show the barbaric actions taken in a small village in England dur[...]