Go Behind the Scenes of ‘Nine’


Still being careful not to give too much of their movie away, the producers of “Nine” have released a short montage video revealing some behind-the-scenes rehearsal footage.

The video plays like a well-crafted music video, juxtaposing clips of the rehearsals and the final product while the main theme — “Be Italian” — plays wordlessly over it all. It switches between black and white film for the rehearsal and color for the finished scenes, which creates a nice contrast for the before/after effect. And you get a good look at Penélope Cruz, Kate Hudson and Sophia Loren looking like they’re having a great time working on this film.

My only complaint about the video? Not enough Daniel Day-Lewis. I suppose it’s more fun to see his bevy of beautiful ladies romping around in their fantastic costumes, but in my opinion, there can always be more Daniel Day-Lewis.

“Nine” encourages you to “Be Italian” on Dec. 25.

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  1. Kat #


  2. 2

    I have a feeling this film is going to fly right over the head of the mainstream musical audience.

  3. Linda #

    I love this movie already. I want the DVD now! I know theater first. IT just looks like something you want to see over and over and RW and replay to death.

  4. The Mechanic #

    I am SO seeing this.