Hugh Jackman talks ‘Wolverine 2’


At the recent People’s Choice Awards, Hugh Jackman gave an exclusive scoop announcing “Wolverine 2” will be going before the cameras in “a year to a year and a half …”

Now, there aren’t many people that really loved “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” (the title alone would put some off), but it was passable. However, passable isn’t acceptable these days for multi-million dollar blockbusters. But somehow (possibly through Jackman’s own easy charm!), it appears the sequel is a go. Let’s just hope they don’t do the whole “X-Men Origins: Wolverine 2” schtick again.

That’s not to say I think the spin-off franchise cannot be saved. Jackman in the same interview tantalisingly reveals what has been rumoured for a long time now — that Logan will be travelling to Japan. Any Wolverine fan will know that the most highly-regarded portions of his comic-book history are the “way-of-the-samurai” story arcs set in Japan. Obviously Jackman and co. are eager to deliver to the fans what many believe they got wrong the first time around.

But again, the rest is up for endless Internet forum and pub debates until we get some further concrete news. I doubt director Gavin Hood will return after the rumours of studio dust ups from the first film were to be believed. So who could take over for the sequel? Brett Ratner? Bryan Singer? I joke, I joke … but how about Richard Donner? Sure he’s getting on a little now, but he knows how to do superheroes (see: “Superman: The Movie”). And he’s not afraid to deal with the darker, edgier sides of a character and story (see: “The Omen). His wife, Lauren Shuler Donner, produces the “X-Men” films and he was, reportedly, the one who came to the rescue to play peacemaker between Hood and the studio on the first film when things got antsy. I’m really just spitballing, but it’s another name to throw into the hat.

Since the film will be primarily based in Japan, what part, if any, from the comics do you want to see? Could Wolverine’s one-time mentor and eventual enemy Ogun make an appearance? Would Wolverine’s love interest in the film be Itsu? Like in the comics, would Itsu and Logan have a child called Daken? Would that be material for a third film in the trilogy?

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  1. Jen #

    I don’t know … the first one was just so disappointing …

  2. Cam Smith #

    I have no faith in this project at all. Fox has already butchered “The Dark Phoenix Saga”, “The Coming of Galactus” storyline and Wolvie’s origin tale. They’ll almost certainly have little interest in properly adapting the the character’s adventures in Japan.

  3. Josue #

    I have been pleased with all of their attempts so far (unlike Cam). my secret: Expect NOTHING. I cant wait for more action packed nothing. Wolverine is the man. lol

  4. bern shoola #

    Hopefully its better than the 1st 1

  5. reg #

    I really don’t need a sequel to that wretched film.

  6. Wera #

    Another one? No thanks.

  7. One Love #

    I hope they make up for the first one!

  8. Buck Jennings #

    I’m somewhat surprised they are going through with this.

  9. ninja 250 #

    I have no faith in this project.

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