Is Sam Worthington Worth the Hype?

— by CAM SMITH —

Usually I’m pretty resistant towards media-spawned-and-fed “next big thing” chatter regarding potential rising stars in the Hollywood arena. Unless there’s some substantial work attached to the prospective actor or actresses’ name, it’s all just pointless industry spin and can lead to some really embarrassing stories of bitter failure.

Hell, I can remember when “Godzilla” star Maria Pitillo was being marketed as a hot new talent, and we all know how wonderful that turned out. (Say nothing of the poor “Blair Witch” cast …)

Well, Aussie aspiring A-lister Sam Worthington seems to be doing just about everything he can to escape sharing the same grim fate as those unfortunate, damned souls, making sure to keep his day-timer full for the next couple of years.

With the spectre of “Avatar” hovering ominously over us, and a slew of impending projects completed or nearly completed — next summer’s sandal-tastic “Clash of the Titans,” the John Madden-directed political thriller “The Debt” and the Keira Knightley romantic drama “Tell Me”, to be more specific — Mr. Worthington has, according to Variety, chosen his next prospective big vehicle in the form of a gritty sci-fi comic-book adaptation.

Bearing the moniker “Last Days of American Crime,” the film will be based upon a three-issue mini-series — hitting shelves next month! — created by Rick Remender for Radical Publishing, which depicts a none-too-distant future where human beings’ ability to commit illegal acts is impeded by secret U.S. government satellite signals.

The premise sounds somewhat conceptually similar to the set-up for Philip K. Dick’s “The Minority Report,” which, of course, was later adapted into the 2002 Spielberg-directed Tom Cruise hit. Fingers crossed that “Last Days” is able to find a similarly visionary — but cheaper — talent to help build a unique and compelling world for the nifty story idea to take form in.

Strangely, I can’t help but feel oddly invested in seeing Worthington’s bid for victory in the big picture business succeed. Why? I’m not 100% sure. I definitely wasn’t overly won over by his blasé performance in the brain-malfunctioning scrap-pile of wasted ideas that was “Terminator Salvation,” that’s for sure.

More likely, it’s because he earned serious cool points for starring in the above-average man-eating crocodile flick “Rogue.” Few things tickle my immature fancy like an aquatic killer-animal feature, and that little gem delivered in toothy spades.

So how do you guys feel about Worthington? Is he the future face of cinema as we know it? Can he at least deliver on the tough-guy leading man promise that was frittered away by Gerard Butler? Hit us with your comments.

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  1. 1

    This interview will tell you all you need to know about Worthington:

    (Note: There is swearing in the article.)

  2. Kent #

    The ego certainly doesn’t match the output. Imagine if this guy actually does become a star.

  3. Josue Sanchez #

    Personally, I think he was wonderful in Terminator. I wanted John Connor to die instead of him. He was a real star! I can’t wait for Clash of the Titans!

  4. stargazer #

    NO, he is not worth it at all. He is incredibly overrated. And he as Perseus??! Really? Perseus is supposed to be very handsome, somewhat tall and to look like a hero. Worthington is NOT that man.

  5. Cam Smith #

    I dunno, that interview doesn’t really bother me much. It’s not abnormal for A-type Hollywood personalities to be stubborn and driven to the point of near insanity. That’s how Russell Crowe was and it took time and maturation to allow him to mellow out. Christian Bale isn’t quite there yet. I’d rather an actor care too much than not enough.

  6. Mark #

    great post as usual!