Poster Peek: ‘How to Train Your Dragon’


This summer, we are going to find ourselves dodging a lot of 3D fire, dragons, ogres and toys. The battle is on between “Toy Story 3,” “Shrek Goes Fourth,” and “How To Train Your Dragon.” If you are a fan of 3D, this is your lucky year. I am counting 15 3D movies for 2010. Yes, I said 15!

I for one am very excited. I remember always being impressed by three-dimensional art and movies since I was a child, I had 3D books and comic books, and some of my favorite shows at Disney were the 3D ones.

The next computer-animated 3D movie coming up that I am really excited about is “How to Train Your Dragon.” I saw the trailer for it for the first time when I watched “Avatar,” and I’m sure you did too. The trailer was in 3D, and it really got my gears turning for “Avatar,” you might even say it improved the experience for me. Now that “Avatar” is basically in our rearview mirrors, I am once again excited for the next 3D visual spectacle that they have in store for us. Bring it on!

The posters below are for “How to Train Your Dragon,” and they really portray the exact same feel that I got from the trailer. They are rich and colorful presentations. This poster can really get anyone, regardless of their age, excited for this movie.

I am looking forward to being transported into the world of “How to Train Your Dragon” in the way only 3D can. I believe the premise of this movie really sets itself up for a fun family movie, and a great 3D ride.

Lear “How to Train Your Dragon” starting March 26.

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  1. Alex #

    i want to see this

  2. Dani #

    They don’t have enough theaters for this many 3d movies.