Poster Peek: ‘Saint John of Las Vegas’


I hadn’t heard of “Saint John of Las Vegas” until today, but with a cast that includes Steve Buscemi, Sarah Silverman, Romany Malco, Peter Dinklage and John Cho, I’m definitely intrigued.

John (Buscemi) is a compulsive gambler who leaves Las Vegas for Albuquerque in an attempt to straighten out his life. He gets a job at an auto insurance company and is asked by his boss (Dinklage) to accompany their best fraud specialist on an investigation near Las Vegas.

Though John is worried about being tempted back into his old ways, he might discover this bizarre trip is the key to finding true happiness.

Overall, I think this is a fun poster. I like the yellow background, which captures the warm, dry feeling of Las Vegas and Albuquerque.

Based on the plot synopsis this comedy could be hit or miss, but I think the almost graffiti-like design of the poster captures the film’s wild and offbeat vibe well.

Also starring Emmanuelle Chriqui (pictured above) and written and directed by Hue Rhodes, “Saint John of Las Vegas” hits theaters this February.

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    That cast has me interested, as well. I kind of dig the poster, too. It would make a nice cover for the blu-ray/DVD.