‘Scream 4’: Randy’s Return and More


Where would we have been in the original “Scream” trilogy without the rules of horror movies? That was the brilliance of the films, the movies flat out told you that these are the rules and this is what happens when you break them.

Randy (played by Jamie Kennedy) was always a fan favorite character and he introduced us to the rules. I think people identified more with Randy than any other character. “Scream 3” was a dud, in my opinion, as far as the original trilogy is concerned, and a large part of that was the fact that Randy had been killed in “Scream 2” and only made an appearance in the third film on a video tape. This, of course, instigates a huge predicament in “Scream 4”: how is the writer Kevin Williamson going to stage Randy’s return?

Many theories and story ideas are afloat on the net regarding Randy’s return. Is he going to rise from the dead? Is he going to appear in a series of more video tapes? Did he stage his own death? Is he simply going to appear in flashbacks? Maybe he will be a new character altogether? There are some suggestions out there as far fetched as him returning to play Mrs. Loomis before her weight loss, a la John Travolta in Hairspray. My favorite theory however, has to be that he will return in a series of dream sequences with him acknowledging the fact that he is in a dream which would be a horror cliche and a Wes Craven homage. No matter what route Williamson takes — and hopefully it is something very inventive that nobody could guess — there is certainly speculation from the masses.

While Randy’s return is simply one spot of curiosity, everyone is also wondering whether — as speculated — “Scream 4” is the jumping off point to another Scream trilogy. That in itself is another horror movie cliche — saying you are ending a serie, only to release a slew of sequels. Look at “Friday The 13th,” they had to stop numbering the sequels because there were so many. What’s next? Jason Gets A Hip Replacement? And don’t even get me started on “Saw.”

However, with the popularity that films such as “Saw” and “Hostel” comes a barrage of new material waiting to be satirized in the “Scream” franchise. The new tagline definitely reflects that: “New decade, new rules!” With key players returning for the revival of “Scream,” let’s hope that the series’ character development gets revived as well. Courtney Cox, David Arquette, and of course, Neve Campbell all returning is an absolute plus. One can only hope, however, that we as an audience can tell that many moons have passed and their characters have evolved to reflect that. Sidney, in particular. is my concern. I don’t want to see high school/college student Sidney; it’s played out. There will also be many additions to the roster which should bring a fresh aspect to the series.

I’ve talked to many people about the resurrection of “Scream.” Some people are all for it and can’t wait to see what Kevin Williamson and Wes Craven (who has signed on to direct) will do with the franchise; while others are appalled at the thought of a retooling of it. Some are anxious and ecstatic for Randy’s return, others just find it to be unreasonable and not entirely plausible. I am a mixture of both. I can’t wait to see what “Scream 4” has to offer, but I’m also very cautious to hold it up on the same pedestal I hold the original three.

It could turn out to be a big success, drawing in a whole new fan base while still holding on to the originals, but it could also turn out to be a horrible disappointment. Randy coming back is a positive for me, as he was always my favorite character. Being that he was a geeky movie buff who never got the girl, my heart still goes out to him. I’m also anxious to see what cameos are to come. The Scream opener with Drew Barrymore is a classic and having Tori Spelling come in for “Scream 2” to play Sidney was brilliant. Who might we see in the new film? And who else are the main characters gonna make fun of in an inside joke type of way (think “Scream 2,” with Courtney Cox poking fun at Jennifer Aniston’s naked body being superimposed with Cox’s head)? Whatever happens, I’m sure Randy will fill us in on the rules we must abide by in order to successfully survive a horror movie brought back to life after 15 years.

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  1. annielicious14 #

    Wow! we’re at 4 already? Saw Scream 2 but wasn’t interested in the rest. Tee hee I saw it for Mickey (Timothy Olyphant)! That is all.

  2. 2

    I am cautiously optimistic about Scream 4 but I would love to see Randy again. He too, was my favorite character. 🙂

  3. chase #

    I miss Randy in the series. 🙁

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