Short Film Theater: ‘Photograph of Jesus’


The quirky short film “Photograph of Jesus” teaches audiences that history isn’t exactly black and white, and never has a seven-minute look at history been so much fun.

Director and animator Laurie Hill blends fact and fiction as she explores the many images of London’s Hulton Archive. Archivist Matthew Buston shares some of the most unusual requests he’s received during his time at Hulton, including photographs (not etchings or painted images but actual photographs) of Jesus, the Yeti and a living dodo bird.

These unusual requests are all real, and while those photos don’t actually exist, Hill animates some of the archive’s existing images and brings these requests to life. As viewers are led through the archive, Hill’s creative animation allows all facets of history to come together in a delightfully offbeat way.

“Photograph of Jesus” won the Gold Plaque for Best Experimental Short Film at the Chicago International Film Festival in 2009. Roam the halls of the Hulton Archive and discover its lively assortment of images below.

Source: Trailer Addict

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