Six Clips from ‘Secretariat’


Walt Disney and Mayhem Pictures have released several clips from their upcoming inspirational true story “Secretariat.” Check them out below with a tiny synopsis of each clip.

In this first clip, we see Penny Chenery has finally convinced retired race-horse trainer Lucien Laurin to come check out her horse. His initial observations are very pessimistic and he is quick to point out all of the flaws and laziness of the horse. This, of course, sets up the underdog story plotline of “Secretariat.” At the very end of the clip, we get to see the stable’s secretary making a comment about Lucien’s hat — this becomes an ongoing joke throughout the film.

In this second clip, we see one of the first meetings with Penny and the Ogden Phipps, a multi-millionaire entrepreneur who has interest in buying Secretariat after he has started winning races and breaking records. Knowing that Penny and her stable are in a financial bind, he tries to coax her into selling Secretariat and he just happens to offer the amount she needs to pay off all of the farm’s debt. But looking into the eyes and heart of her horse, Penny knows that he’s bound for greatness and refuses to give him up so easily. She is so confident in fact, she guarantees Phipps that Secretariat will be winning the Triple Crown races, a feat that has not been accomplished in over 25 years!

Coming off two great victories on his way to gaining the title of the Triple Crown, Penny and Lucien contemplate the odds for Secretariat in the final race. Penny calls Secretariat “Red” and she is determined to not let statistics and figures get her spirits down. Lucien is more by-the-book and knows that while Secretariat is a great speed horse, “The Belmont” is over 50 percent longer then he has even ran before. Knowing that “Red” is special and unique Penny isn’t scared that he will get burnt out and fail to win this final race. Not knowing how far they can push him, Penny says, “He knows!”

In this clip, we see the final press conference before the last big race in the film; the two front-runners to win are Secretariat and Sham. Penny and Sham’s owner Pancho Martin are there to answer questions. The rivalry is at its peak when you see Pancho ranting over the hype Secretariat has been getting over his many wins. You see that Lucien wants to defend Secretariat, but Penny subdues him and being level headed and quick-witted you see Penny take Pancho’s own words and turn them against him.

The final race of the film, the thunderous applause of hoofs beating down on the dirt, the tension is building and the entire team behind Secretariat is anxiously awaiting him to pull to the front of the group. As the race gets closer to finishing, we see Secretariat pushing himself harder and faster, getting right up in the action we see the race from a turbulent point-of-view and right as Secretariat pulls ahead of Sham the clip ends.

The race is almost over, Sham and Secretariat are neck in neck, spectators and announcers alike are shocked at the speed and endurance of Secretariat. Breaking records and expectations of all at the racetrack, these two horses are dueling it out. Both horses are being pushed beyond their limits, but only one can be victorious.

“Secretariat” busts out of the gate Oct. 8. The film — which stars Diane Lane, John Malkovich, Dylan Walsh, Amanda Michalka, Nelsan Ellis, Dylan Baker and Graham McTavish — is rated PG for Brief Mild Language.

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