Six Scenes from ‘Broken Embraces’


Between “Broken Embraces” and “Nine” both being released this holiday season, Penélope Cruz seems to be gunning for another Oscar. I guess being a gorgeous, sexy, talented actress who is (possibly) engaged to Javier Bardem just isn’t enough for some women …

Reteaming with her “Volver” director, Pedro Almodóvar, Cruz is Lena, the beautiful source of agony for writer/director Harry Caine. Years ago, Caine was in a car accident that cost him both his sight and Lena, which dropped him into a depression that caused him to adopt a pseudonym and live only for his work. But inevitably, he is forced to recall his former life, and all the passion, darkness and tears it embodied.

“Broken Embraces” has already played at several film festivals, and garnered primarily positive reviews. It premieres in NYC on Nov. 20 and in Los Angeles on Dec. 11, with hopes of a wider distribution in the near future. In the meantime, here are six clips from the movie:

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