Stars Make a Plea for Equality


This video will get its fame from the fact that Anna Paquin announces she is bisexual in it, but nonetheless, it’s still a great message — so the more viewers, the better.

It’s Just Movies is a movie web site with nearly 20 writers, so I generally don’t like to take a stand as a site on anything outside the realm of movies, because we all have different opinions. However, one thing I think we can all agree on is that everyone should be treated equally. I just wish everyone felt that way.

Featured in the video are Cyndi Lauper, Anna Paquin, Elton John, Jason Mraz, Cynthia Nixon, Whoopi Goldberg, Wanda Sykes, Sharon Osbourne, Clay Aiken and Kevin Alejandro. Go to to learn more.

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  1. Bev #

    Sean, you are the best boss! You are showing your support of all people. Pretty appropriate Maunday Thursday posting.

  2. Lynn #

    I do give a damn,damn it!!!

    But I just can’t help wishing that they all came out loud and clear about it. Just curious, ya know! Like Whoopie and Eric Roberts (whom btw, you didn’t mentiooon) just sayin’ lol

    Thank you for the vid. I think we should all take a stand for what we believe in.

  3. hurricane bill #

    I love Anna. She’s a great actress.

  4. Dave #


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