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‘Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman’ (2003)

— by CHAS BLANKENSHIP — The Dark Knight must contend with a mysterious female vigilante who emulates him, but to a more ruthless degree. “Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman” is about as entertaining as animated Batman movies get. Not as much darkness, but the fun is still intact[...]

‘Batman & Mr. Freeze: Sub Zero’ (1998)

— by CHAS BLANKENSHIP — When Mr. Freeze kidnaps Barbara Gordon for a mysterious medical procedure to save his cryogenically frozen wife Nora, Batman and Robin embark on a blazing rescue mission to save her.[...]

‘Batman: Mask of the Phantasm’ (1993)

— by CHAS BLANKENSHIP — When a mysterious cloaked figure murders Gotham gangsters, Batman is labeled the prime suspect. Now, not only must Wayne fight to clear his name…but the return of a lost love links the murderer to Bruce’s past…and the revelation of why he truly became a vigi[...]

‘Batman: The Animated Series’ (1992 to 1995)

— by CHAS BLANKENSHIP — The Dark Knight battles crime in Gotham City with occasional help from Robin and Batgirl.[...]