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Review: Nimona

— by BEV QUESTAD — Who’s bad, who’s good, and what’s the truth? These are life’s questions. But, as this film says, “If you want a happily ever after you are going to have to wait, because the monsters are always out there.” Isn’t that the truth? “Nimona” is an animatio[...]

Review: Carrie

— by JAMES SHAW — It is very hard to make original movies these days, so Hollywood tends to re-make, create sequels or spin-off from past popular films. The original 1976 version of “Carrie” was based on the 1974 Stephen King Novel, a story about an out-cast teenage girl named Carrie[...]

Carrie: Don’t Go to Prom Featurette

— by JESSIKA OWENS — Remakes of horror films, if you ask me, are almost as common as horror films. Sometimes it works, other times I hate it. The upcoming re-imagining of “Carrie” has me dubious to say the least. Many iconic horror films have been redone, and a lot of them di[...]

Review: Kick-Ass 2

— by ADAM DALE — “Kick-Ass” was somewhat of a success when it hit the screens in 2010, with a faithful adaptation from the graphic novel by Mark Millar and John Romita Jr. Fans were thrilled and appalled at the same time, and the movie went on to much more success when it hit homes [[...]

Carrie: Full Theatrical Trailer

— by ADAM POYNTER — Ever since it was announced that the “Carrie” re-imagining would have its release date pushed back from March 15 to Oct. 18, we have not heard much about the film. The move was made for a few reasons, including distancing itself from “The Evil Dead” release, a[...]

Carrie: First Teaser Trailer

— by ADAM POYNTER — Few classic horror films have such iconic imagery as Sissy Spacek in a prom dress covered in blood in De Palma’s 1976’s “Carrie.” Well, the character of Carrie White is back in director Kimberly Peirce’s re-imagining of the infamous tale. Carrie (Chloë Grac[...]

Eight Clips from Dark Shadows

— by ADAM POYNTER — Tim Burton has secured himself as a staple in the movie world and as one of the most unique and talented directors with a particular style and approach to movie making. It just so happens that many of Burton’s biggest films have also starred Johnny Depp. Well. the t[...]

Trailer Talk: ‘Let Me In’

— by AMANDA KOEHLER — Sick of vampire movies yet? Hopefully not, because here comes another one! “Let Me In” is a remake of the 2008 Swedish film “Let the Right One In.” In the film, Chloe Grace Moretz plays Abby, the new neighbor to Owen (Kodi Smit-McPhee). The t[...]