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Review: The Wall

— by RON WILKINSON — More psychological thriller than war movie, “The Wall” is a tense, atmospheric cat-and-mouse story that carries broad undercurrents of the cultural and religious war in the Middle East. American snipers Isaac (Aaron Taylor Johnson of “Nocturnal Animalsâ[...]

Under Review: ‘Fred: The Movie’

— by ESTHER RYKACZEWSKI — From Derf Films and Varsity Pictures comes the highly-anticipated Independent film of the season: “Fred: The Movie” (directed by Clay Weiner and produced by Brian Robbins and Gary Binkow). The film had its world premiere on Nickelodeon Sept. 18 and i[...]

An Exclusive Interview With Actor Casey Nunez

— by VANNA LAND — As a fan of movies, movie stars and the business in general, I have often wondered what it would be like to actually work in the business. Since that is not very likely to happen, I decided to interview someone who currently is working in the film world. Casey Nunez[...]