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Trailer Talk: ‘Predators’

— by JOSUE SANCHEZ — It is with great joy that I utter the words: We are finally getting a new “Predator” movie. Doesn’t that just sound spectacular? And I am not talking about an “Alien vs. Predator” sequel, but a full-pledged “Predator” movie. [...]

An Early Peek at ‘Predators’

— by CAM SMITH — It must be at least a trifle comforting for Robert Rodriguez and Nimrod Antal — the producer and director behind this summer’s eagerly-anticipated “Predators” — to know that, even if their final product turns out painfully mediocre, the film still[...]

Don’t Sweat The Predators’ Technique

When they aren’t menacing aliens or Arnold Schwarzenegger, the Predators just like to get loose like anyone else. “‘Cause this is a new dance, and it’s called … Predator.”[...]

Photos From the Set of ‘Predators’

— by CAM SMITH — Well, folks, thanks to the always fruitful combination of irresponsible snapshot-taking and rapid-fire internet communication, another batch of top-secret set photos from an upcoming highly anticipated blockbuster have made their way to your computer monitor. The film? [...]

Adrien Brody to Take on ‘Predators’

— by TOM ELCE — News has broken of the involvement of Academy Award-winning actor Adrien Brody in 20th Century Fox’s forthcoming “Predators,” a redux of the ’80s actioner starring Arnold Schwarzenegger that again comes to suggest Hollywood cares more about[...]