The First Five Minutes of ‘[REC] 2’


When you first get into this clip, it shows what is becoming a standard thing to do. First, set the mood with a little night vision, oh and then have a girl looking terrified into the camera ,and after that have them suddenly dragged away as if death itself has come. Even though it may be a tad cliché, I still think it’s awesome because you sit there and wonder to yourself what in the world that thing will look like that just yanked her off screen.

Since this is the second movie, and a third has been announced, they are obviously doing something right. This film starts off shortly after the events of the first one and has a medical officer and a GEO (which is the Spanish version of a spec ops team) team, equipped with video cameras. They are sent into the quarantined apartment building to control the situation. If you’re thinking to yourself at this point, “Where have I heard this before?,” it’s because the film “Quarantine,” was actually inspired from the first film — so it’s pretty much the same and I’m fairly certain both of the movies use the same building.

This one, though, has a spiritual theme, as they use something religious to fight them off. A priest is sent by the church to obtain a sample of blood from the Medeiros girl and when he gets it, he does some religious magic on it and it explodes; now all they need is a sample from the girl herself. I’m not really sure how to feel about that kind of a plot, as it’s fun and all but sounds a bit too weird.

This film uses the same shaky camera style as the first. The first wasn’t theatrically released in the U.S., but is available on DVD now and, oddly enough, when I went to see it, “Quarantine” popped up as the third one down, hmmmm I wonder why. “[REC] 2” was shown at many film festivals and will be available on DVD in October. There also are rumors of the movie playing in theaters in July.

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