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Babies look adorable doing anything. They could be playing with building blocks, staring off into space, or scooting around, and it’s as cute as a button. The film “Babies” is using this cuteness to its advantage.

The film explores the first year of four babies from different locations around the world: Tokyo, San Francisco, Mongolia, and Namibia. While most babies have about the same developmental growth and do the same things, it will be interesting to see how babies are raised in different cultures.

The clips below are enough to make the most cold-hearted crack a smile. The first clip shows Hattie (from San Francisco) eating a banana. Even when Hattie spits the banana out repulsed, her curiosity about it is delightful. The second clip shows Bayar from Mongolia petting a cat. Of course anyone who has seen a baby around animals knows that their petting is more forceful than yours or mine. The cat, however, doesn’t make a fuss. The third clip shows Bayar with his sibling who is trying to give him a drink of Coke. The clip ends right where many of us would see how bad of an idea the whole thing is. The final clip has Ponijao from Namibia starting to fall asleep, but waking up each time she moves.

I’ve said before how excited I am for “Babies.” I think the documentary will be a great way to see different child rearing practices from other countries. More importantly, however, we will get to see similarities that make us able to relate with these other cultures.

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    The babies are adorable, saw a preview on the big screen, it’s hard not to feel all warm and fuzzy when watching.