Trailer Talk: ‘Extraordinary Measures’


Brendan Fraser stars in this well-done film based on a true story. He plays John Crowley, a man who risks his family’s future to find a cure for his children’s life-threatening diseases.

Keri Russell plays his beautiful wife Aileen, distraught to find out the heart-breaking news. However, John won’t give up as he searches for a cure and runs across Dr. Robert Stonehill, played by Harrison Ford — who I think struggles in movies other than “Star Wars” and “Indiana Jones,” but in this film it looks like he might have found a great part for himself.

Dr. Stonehill is a very trying and unconventional scientist who teams up with John; together they form a bio-tech company primarily focused on developing the cure. It will take John and Aileen $500,000 dollars to help Dr. Stonehill find that life-giving drug.

Throughout the trailer, it shows nothing but strong performances all around as this film looks to have been cast perfectly.

Robert Nelson Jacobs wrote the film as Tom Vaughn directs (with his last movie being “What Happens in Vegas,” it looks like he improved his film quality quite a bit with “Extraordinary Measures”). With the cast in this movie, it will definitely be one to be checking out.

“Extraordinary Measures” will be released Jan. 22, 2009.

Source: Trailer Spy

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  1. Don #

    I think the (post awards) release date is telling.

  2. Jon Martincic #

    That is a good point, Don.

    The story caught my interest very early in the trailer. I’ll catch it in January.