Trailer Talk: ‘Leaves of Grass’


This is one of those trailers where you watch it and you just say, “Wow, that was weird,” but the more you think about it, the more you like it. Edward Norton was a big part of liking it, as he plays twin brothers in this comedic thriller.

Now, when you think of Ed Norton, maybe you think of “Fight Club” where he plays a schizophrenic person and in the trailer the one brother is quite the weirdo, so for me he is back in a role in which he belongs. Norton’s roles are Bill, an Ivy League philosophy professor and his brother Brady, the redneck who makes his living selling marijuana.

Brady tricks Bill into coming back home so he can have an alibi for when he commits a crime in another city. Bill is not too pleased with his brother’s ridiculous plan, but ends up visiting his mother he hasn’t seen in two decades.

I was extremely pleased with the acting in the trailer, as I was with what is, in my opinion, a fun and different plot idea. It’s great to see an actor taking on two roles and, with the great cast backing him up, it looks like it can be maybe not a really well-known film, but a great film nonetheless.

This film also stars Richard Dreyfuss, Susan Sarandon, Melanie Lynskey and Keri Russell. Tim Blake Nelson is the writer/director and also plays a role in the film. I truly enjoy watching Tim act in the various movies he’s been in and everyone who watched “The Hulk” will remember him as Mr. Blue.

“Leaves of Grass” hits theaters Dec. 25.

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  1. Kat #

    I might see this!

  2. Jason #

    I really like Tim Blake Nelson’s films – “O” and “The Grey Zone” – so I have some amount of faith in him, and the film’s dynamic looks pretty amusing. With all the Oscar contenders that I want to see coming out though, I just don’t know if this movie will be a priority.