Trailer Talk: ‘A Beautiful Life’


“A Beautiful Life” is a film I hadn’t heard of until recently, and based on this trailer, it seems there may have been good reason for that.

Adapted by Wendy Hammond from her play of the same name, the film tells the story of battered teenager Maggie (Angela Serafyan) and illegal immigrant David (Jesse Garcia), two lost souls who fall in love as they try to escape their pasts. But of course the couple can’t find happiness without encountering obstacles along the way.

Also involved in the story is Esther (Bai Ling), a stripper who just wants a better life for herself.

This story has the potential to be an interesting character drama, but the vibe I get from the trailer is that it could just as easily be another clichéd, overdone love conquers all film.

“A Beautiful Life” premiered at the Los Angeles Downtown Film Festival in 2008. The film went into limited release Oct. 2, but it is unknown if or when the movie will expand to wide release.

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