Trailer Talk: ‘American Pie Presents: Book of Love’


Once again, “American Pie” hits us — this time, three best friends named Rob (Bug Hall), Nathan (Kevin M. Horton) and Lube (Brandon Hardesty) are on a mission to lose their virginity with the ladies of their dreams.

The guys find “The Bible” of their wildest dreams — The Book of Love, which was originally mostly written by none other than Mr. Levenstein (Eugene Levy).

Who would have thought Eugene Levy would return (again)? Anyway, they recruit Mr. Levenstein to help rewrite the torn and broken-down book.

The Book of Love is missing some pages that lead to some of the antics in the movie and even some of the school’s teachers are a part of it. After the book is finished, the boys look to fulfill their fantasies and finish what they started.

Also, as you can see in the trailer, for those of you who remember the first film, the new pie will be a nice heaping sandwich filled with peanut butter. I hope the dog doesn’t mind watching.

“Book of Love” mostly takes the same overused jokes in all the films and displays them in different ways, but still finds a way to make most of us laugh. Even though this is the seventh American pie movie in the ever-growing franchise, it still looks good enough to enjoy watching if you don’t mind toning down your brain a little.

“Book of Love” is directed by John Putch and written by David H. Steinberg.

Eugene Levy and friends will bring their antics straight to DVD on Dec. 22.

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  1. Disco #

    Please stop with these movies!

  2. Chestnut #

    Fire your agent, Eugene.

  3. Dane #

    I don’t need another slice of this franchise.

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