Trailer Talk: ‘The Legacy’

The Legacy— by CAM SMITH —

With their upcoming super-dad family film “The Legacy,” Seaside Pictures — the production company behind the Kurtwood Smith grouchy old man comedy “Peace” and the Jewish dating satire “Shvingers” (no joke!) — are taking us all on a unique journey into the magical heartland of middle America, where moon-eyed children named Billy read “Superhero Comics” and dream of a generic flying avenger garbed in red and blue. One could almost call him a super man

But due to copyrighting issues, we won’t. Rather, his name is Kryptoman, and 20 years ago, little Billy’s father Charlie was charged with donning his non-descript tights in a multi-million dollar blockbuster extravaganza (an undertaking so momentous that it even made the cover of the illustrious Newstime publication!). However, after the project fell apart, Charlie turned his back on the character, banishing his featureless costume to the back of the closet and forever keeping secret his involvement in the not-so-super enterprise.

Now, 10-year-old Billy, ever the rascally scamp, has discovered the outfit and thinks that maybe, just maybe, his dad could be a real life caped hero. Oh, sweet, naive Billy, will you ever learn?

Packed with approximations of Spielberg-ian whimsy, and a heavy impact money-shot featuring a Marmalade jar, the teaser trailer for “The Legacy” promises the ideal family entertainment to enjoy over delicious bowls of Crispy Rice and sugary Home Brand Cola.

Starring Paul Butcher, Louis Iacoviello and Jo McGinley, and written and directed by Mike Doto, “The Legacy” is scheduled for an explosive release in 2010.

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  1. moviefan #

    looks interesting, I would check it out. I wonder if they ran into much problems with the superman theme items.

  2. stargazer #

    Huh? what is this?? Where can I see it? Interesting!

  3. Dani #

    Wow. I actually want see that!

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