Trailer Talk: ‘Dead of Knight’


“Dead of Knight” is a little-known indie horror film produced and directed by Joe Grisaffi (of “Laughing Boy”) who also co-wrote the screenplay with Emilio Iasiello.

Starring in the movie are Jerin Julia, Brandon Hearnsberger (soon to be seen in Kerry Beyer’s “Spirit Camp”), Christie Guidry Stryk, Dimitri Kouzas, Sara Gaston and Dan Braverman – who coincidentally also appears in the similarly-titled Dylan Dog film “Dead of Night,” scheduled to be released in 2010.

The tagline for the movie is “Chivalry is dead,” and from looking at the trailer, that is not all that is dead. This movie looks horrifying, so beware and leave the kids at home.

The synopsis as listed on the website Fatally Yours is as follows: The spirit of a cursed medieval knight is accidentally released in present day. The knight must acquire a vessel and complete a deadly quest, reclaiming his chivalric traits by killing victims who represent those traits – purity, courage, skill at arms, wisdom and charity. Marla Mazzocco, an innocent college student, learns that she alone holds the secret to the mysterious deaths in a family heirloom, the Amulet of Thorns.

The indie film is currently scheduled for several sneak preview screenings, the first taking place at the Houston Horror Convention, Crypticon, Oct. 16 to 18 — with additional dates and locations listed here.

“Dead of Knight” is expected to be released on DVD early 2010.

In the meantime expect to be “horrified” by this trailer:

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    That is an interesting poster image.

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    I think this one is too gory for me.

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