Trailer Talk: ‘Frame 137’

— by CAM SMITH —

I guess I’m supposed to be blown away by the steam-punk-rock attitude, grungy post-Apocalyptic atmosphere and slick martial arts mayhem prominently featured in the fairly eye-catching teaser trailer for “Frame 137,” a live-action short-film adaption of “The Crow” creator James O’Barr’s relatively obscure comic-book, but all my mind keeps coming back to is that fact that there is a living, breathing human-being bearing the beyond-awesome name of Samppa von Cyborg starring in the movie. How freaking cool is that?!

In fact, a quick visit to Mr. Cyborg’s MySpace page, wherein we learn that he’s a visitor from outer space, obsessed with body modification, and currently running a Finnish tattoo parlor, has me seriously thinking about setting aside more time in my day to celebrate the man… Er, machine… Ummm, man-chine?!

How did I get on this tangent again? Oh, right, from watching the brief promotional clip for “Frame 137,” which can be viewed below. It offers a few flashy shots of a young kid with emo hair, played by Sam Ransom, droppin’ baddies and taking names. But you know whose name even he can never take? Samppa von Cyborg, that’s who! Oh snap, I went there!

Anyways, directed by Judd Tilyard, an Australian talent unknown on these shores, “Frame 137” follows Jonny Z, a hardcore 10-year-old bounty hunter making his way across a desolate post-apocalyptic landscape, beating and slicing the ever-lovin’ stuffin’ out of a never-ending horde of tough-looking bald dudes with facial piercings.

Although the trailer gives little-to-nothing in terms of plot or character, there’s enough energy and visceral action to make this flick look like something worth checking out when it finds its way on-line or onto insta-streaming film platforms.

I’m beginning to notice, though, that 2010 is quickly shaping up to be the year of the pre-pubescent ass-kicker, with Jonny Z and, more significantly, “Kick-Ass’s” Hit-Girl – who’s already beginning to enter into the public consciousness in a big, bad way – engaging in blood-spurting violence for the sake of entertaining immature cinematic adrenaline-junkie adults like yours truly. I imagine watchdog parents groups are going to thrilled to no end by this trend …

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