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Who do you know that can go from making a powerful, real-life drama with Harrison Ford called “Extraordinary Measures,” and then turn around and do a comedic movie that mixes animated characters (in this case, forest animals) and real-life people at war? The answer is Brendan Fraser, and the movie is “Furry Vengeance.” It’s funny, but I don’t think we will be hearing anyone say that this movie’s plot is a copy of “Avatar,” but it does have some similarities.

In the trailer embedded below, there is a collage of scenes where talking animals are protesting a real estate developer’s new housing construction site which is being built over their home,in this case, it is the Oregon wilderness. They declare their vengeance on Fraser’s character, Dan Sanders, and this is the premise that they promise us in the trailer — Man vs Forrest Critters.

I have always admired Fraser and have followed his career since I first discovered him in “Encino Man.” I cannot say I have seen all of his movies (i.e. “Dudley Do-Right,” and “Monkey Bone”) but, out of the ones I have seen, some really stand out triumphantly for me. “School Ties” was one of his best performances to date. He was young and eager, and I loved how he poured his heart into that role. He also stood out for me in “Crash,” yet I didn’t feel he got the credit he deserved for that role. Finally, I won’t deny that I am a fan of “The Mummy” movies. I loved all three and look forward to another, future outing. (I would also like to give an honorable mention to “Bedazzled.” Loved it.) It will be interesting to see Brooke Shields’ representation of her character in this movie, and I am also looking forward to seeing Dick Van Dyke in a comedy once again.

“Furry Vengeance” will be released upon us on April 2, 2010.

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    Not as bad as I was expecting, but still …

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