Trailer Talk: ‘I Love You Too’


Watching the trailer for the Australian romantic comedy “I Love You Too” has really got me fired up. Whatever this trailer sets out to do, it has worked for me. It’s funny, and it doesn’t give away the entire movie’s plot, which is one of the biggest complaints I have about trailers lately, especially for comedies.

There are various other aspects about “I Love You Too” that really caught my attention. Two big pluses for me are Yvonne Strahovski and Megan Gale. I have really enjoyed watching Yvonne’s performances in her television show “Chuck.” Many feel the way I do, and it is obvious she has won her way into their hearts as well as mine. She can do the girly-girl role so well and so believable, then turn around and be a kick-ass toughie. She is a breath of fresh air when she is on the small screen, and I am looking forward to seeing her in the big screen.

I’m also curious to see Megan Gale’s performance. She piqued my interest in her when she was hired to play the role of Wonder Woman for the planned Justice League movie a while back. This would have been her first acting experience, and although I thought she looked great for the part, I had never really seen her act. Now, although in some interviews she still holds on to the hope of playing “Wonder Woman” someday, I will not have to wait until then to explore her acting skills.

The plot is nothing we haven’t seen before; A romantic buddy movie about the meaning of relationships, the importance of friendship, and having the courage to pursue the one you love. Written by comedian Peter Helliar, “I Love You Too” stars Brendan Cowell as Jim, a 30-something emotionally-stunted man whose inability to declare his love to his girlfriend, Alice, threatens to cost him the best thing he ever had, but leads him to befriend a talented dwarf who helps him find the words to get her back.

That said, there is an interesting “Cyrano DE Bergerac” meets “Wedding Crashers” feel to the movie, and I like it.

“I Love You Too” is scheduled to be released May 6, and it also stars the excellent Peter Dinklage.

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  1. 1

    I want to see this.

  2. Don #

    If Yvonne Strahovski is in it, I’m watching it.

  3. Apple El #

    Aussie Aussie aussie! Yay…This looks like it could be good. Some Aussie movies have been hit or miss though, so we will wait and see.

    Is Yvonne sporting her Aussie accent though? It sounded like she was doing a British accent for some reason!

    Megan Gale’s acting could be doubtful, word over here is that she would have bombed as WW..not having the strength of acting experience to pull it off.
    I’d like to know what you thought of this movie after you have seen it, Josue!

  4. Carrie #

    So weird hearing Yvonne’s accent. Will see it. Gotta support my Chuck people!

  5. bigge3021 #

    Looks interesting. Can’t wait to see it especially with Yvonne Strahovski in it. I agree it sounds weird to listen to her with her Aussie accent. That tells you how well she is on Chuck. Good Job Josue. =)

  6. jette_ #

    Could be a movie worth to watch though I’m not absolutely convinced by this trailer yet. Looks like it has some funny moments but yeah not a very creative storyline idea…

  7. 7

    Not that enthused about this one but trailers can be deceptive.

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