Trailer Talk: ‘Summer’s Moon’


Though it has an interesting enough premise, I have a feeling the only reason the direct-to-DVD slasher flick “Summer’s Moon” is getting any attention is because it’s fronted by a “Twilight” star.

Whatever your feelings about the vampire franchise, it’s undeniable that it’s taken over Hollywood, and any of the actors’ outside projects are likely to get noticed by the fans.

In “Summer’s Moon,” Ashley Greene (who plays Alice in the “Twilight” films) stars as Summer, a young woman trying to reunite with her estranged father. When she arrives in the small town where he lives, she’s saved from legal trouble by Tom (Peter Mooney), a charming handyman. They hit it off and spend the night together, but the next day she realizes Tom is far more sinister than she thought.

Tom and his twisted family hold Summer hostage and torture her. She tries to gain Tom’s trust in hopes of escaping, but as she grows closer to his family, the more she becomes tempted to join them.

It looks like the film could have some suspenseful moments and plenty of scares, but I’m still a bit hesitant. I’m wary of most direct-to-DVD horror films being unoriginal and not enjoyable. It could surprise me and turn out to be an exciting thrill ride, but the trailer definitely feels like standard direct-to-DVD horror fare to me.

“Summer’s Moon” hits store shelves Nov. 2.

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  1. Kat #

    Sounds interesting!

  2. Jen Reece #

    It doesn’t look that great.