Trailer Talk: ‘Transylmania’


Whatever your feelings about the recent vampire craze, it’s undeniable that “Twilight,” “True Blood” and other vampire fare have taken the entertainment world by storm. With all the hype surrounding the genre, it seems a parody was inevitable.

The plot of “Transylmania,” directed by David and Scott Hillenbrand, can pretty much be summed up by the film’s tagline: “Euro-trashed! Euro-smashed! Euro-slashed!”

In the horror comedy, a group of college students get more than they bargained for when they study abroad for a semester in Romania, where vampires thwart their plans of partying and hooking up.

I don’t think I laughed once during this trailer. It seems like the same brand of spoof that has been plaguing Hollywood for the past few years, like “Date Movie,” “Epic Movie” and “Disaster Movie” before it. Unfortunately, “Transylmania” looks more like “Meet the Spartans” and less like “Shaun of the Dead.”

“Transylmania” opens Dec. 4.

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  1. 1

    There is no worse time to be had at the movies than an unfunny comedy.

  2. stargazer #

    Maybe they make these “movies” because well they are profitable? Yeah, I know.. I mean, Meet the Spartans was, (wordwide BO: $84,646,831).

  3. Disco #

    Based on the trailer, I would NOT watch this.

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