Two Clips from ‘Extraordinary Measures’


I like Harrison Ford, Brendan Fraser, and Keri Russell, yet I really can’t seem to care less about their upcoming drama, “Extraordinary Measures.” The fact that I keep getting it confused with the 1996 Hugh Grant/Gene Hackman medical “thriller” “Extreme Measures” may have something to do with this …

Based on a true story (very loosely, I’d wager), Fraser and Russell are the parents of two kids with a rare genetic disorder. Ford is the renegade doctor who will help them find a cure — for the modest fee of half a million dollars — when all of their other options have been explored and failed. Whether he’s playing an archeology professor, President of the United States, or a doctor, Harrison Ford will just not do things by the book!

In one clip from “Extraordinary Measures,” we get to see Fraser and Ford discuss the money it will take to put Ford’s theoretical cure into practice.

In the next clip, Ford pays a house call to collect his check and compliments Russell on her cobbler.

And I wonder if this movie is going to be any better than a very special episode of “House.”

“Extraordinary Measures” makes its own rules on Jan. 22.

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  1. Artie D2 #

    Looks like a tv movie.

  2. Austin #

    It’s weird to see Harrison Ford get second billing.

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