Two Scenes of Michael Jackson in ‘This Is It’


On Oct. 28, a little more than four months after Michael Jackson’s death, his fans will get an intimate look at Jackson’s concert preparation process with the music documentary “This is It.”

The film follows Jackson from April to June 2009 as he developed and rehearsed for a series of sold-out concerts in London that would have taken place during summer 2009. Featuring interviews, performances and behind-the-scenes footage, “This is It” offers an intimate look at a music career cut short.

As tired as I may be of seeing Jackson’s face grace magazine covers, there is no denying he was an incredible musician. Rather than delving into the many scandals he experienced throughout his life, “This is It” seems to focus purely on Jackson’s music. This is the kind of tribute I think fans need to see -– a portrait of Jackson as an artist.

Check out two clips from the film below:

And click here for a look at the movie’s trailer.

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  1. stargazer #

    I’m not sure he was a great musician, but he sure was a fantastic dancer, good singer and an all around great performer. One of the best ever.

    Thriller may be the best music vid ever made. Freakin awesome.

    I’d like to see this.

  2. Disco #

    I’m not a fan.

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