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Despite clocking in at less than 10 minutes long, “Tick Tock” still tells a full story. Unlike some short films, however, it never feels rushed or pressed for time. Also, unlike many feature-length films, it doesn’t feel stretched out. It is a story that is told in precisely the time needed to tell this specific story.

And while “Tick Tock” has an unexpected ending, it never cheats to get there (as too many films with twist endings end up doing). It is a film that plays completely differently the first two times you watch it, but each viewing is a satisfactory experience in its own right.

Unfortunately, for review purposes, it is a plot best left unrevealed. At its core, it is a love story … a very complicated love story (as the most interesting ones often are). It involves a woman (played by Tracey Birdsall-Smith, also credited as a writer and producer on the film) and a man (Stuart McClay Smith), who are involved in a relationship they both realize is wrong, but they also know they share a passion that cannot be ignored.

Interestingly, “Tick Tock” was filmed using all-digital technology (it was shot on DVCPRO HD). It has a bright, crisp look. The acting, cinematography, editing and music are all very well done and the film is certainly worth the time is takes to watch it (although it is best viewed at least twice).

“Tick Tock” was directed by Jeffrey Reyna, based on a screenplay by Kevin B. Coleman. The short film, which was just completed in October, soon will make its world premiere at a film festival yet to be determined.

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  1. Robb #

    Now I really want to see it.

  2. Don #

    Some of the best work these days is being done in short films.

  3. H Solo #

    Great review. Sounds like a movie worth seeing.

  4. 4

    Really good review, Sean. I need to check this film out.

  5. 5

    Thanks Sean for the great review! We really do appreciate it. Tick Tock is showing now at three festivals in the next 6 weeks… Kent FF, CT / Big Island FF, HI / and Canterbury FF, New Zealand. Keep you posted, and again… thanks! Love following your tweets on Twitter!

  6. Adam Poynter #

    Cant wait to get a chance to see it, I hope its available online in some time!

  7. Bev #

    Okay Sean, I’ve read your review and the interview with Tracey. How can we see this short? My curiosity is piqued!

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