Four Clips from ‘The Losers’


It may be called “The Losers,” but the latest comic book-turned-action flick looks like it is filled with people who are anything but.

The story revolves around a group of U.S. Special Forces who are betrayed and left for dead in the Bolivian jungle. Leader Clay (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), second-in-command Roque (Idris Elba), hacker Jensen (Chris Evans), sniper Cougar (Oscar Jaenada) and pilot Pooch (Columbus Short) are all presumed dead, but they concoct a plan to get revenge.

All they know about the man who tried to kill them is that he goes by the name of Max (Jason Patric). The guys join forces with the mysterious Aisha (Zoe Saldana), who has her own reasons for wanting Max dead, and what results is an explosive quest for vengeance.

With its action-packed story and impressive cast, “The Losers” seems destined to be a box office success. Sure, it seems a bit similar to another upcoming action film — “The A-Team” — but before the studios start rolling out their summer blockbusters, “The Losers” will satisfy anyone with thirst for action and up-and-coming talent.

“The Losers” opens April 23. Check out seven clips from the film below.

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  1. Crash #

    Kinda can’t wait to see this one. Got lots of people that I like in it..

    “Robert DeNiro who?” haha..and tryin to hit on her while he’s meant to be playin injured..haha