A Look at Chace Crawford in ‘Twelve’


A picture has surfaced for “Twelve,” now being filmed by Joel Schumacher (director of “The Phantom of the Opera,” “Batman and Robin” and “Batman Forever”).

The plot is as follows: A young drug dealer watches as his high-rolling life is dismantled in the wake of his cousin’s murder, which sees his best friend arrested for the crime.

The screenplay, written by Jordan Melamed, is based on a novel by Nick McDonell. Starring in the film are Chace Crawford, Emma Roberts, Kiefer Sutherland, Nico Tortorella, Ellen Barkin, Rory Culkin, and 50 Cent.

The film is expected to be released Winter 2010

In the meantime, enjoy this new picture from the set (below), courtesy of Entertainment Weekly.

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  1. Linda #

    He’s cute.

  2. Disco #

    Schumaker AND Chace Crawford? No way!

  3. claire f. #

    this is one of my favorite books and i will be very unhappy if it is ruined by being made into a movie. the novel has a large following and schumacher better recognize that and respect the book. so far i don’t know what i think based on his choice of actors besides rory culkin. perhaps chace crawford can pull off the role of white mike though his acting in the covenant makes me incredibly skeptical.