Kate Beckinsale: The ‘Sexiest Woman Alive’


Every time I see Kate Beckinsale, I think the same thing — I’m pretty sure she is the best-looking person on the planet.

For the record, I also happen to think she is a terrific actress. But let’s be honest, the first thing you notice is her breathtaking beauty.

And it’s pretty clear that I’m not alone in thinking this — the pronouncement has come from Esquire Magazine that Beckinsale is the “Sexiest Woman Alive.”

Now, pictures are always nice — especially of Beckinsale — but Esquire has more than pictures to show why they named her the “Sexiest Woman Alive”; they have the video to prove it.

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  1. Disco #

    Wow! (I agree)

  2. stargazer #

    hahaha πŸ˜€ you guys are funny.

  3. H Solo #

    Kate Beckinsale is perfect looking. But that video does surprise me a bit. I thought she was more stuck up than that.

  4. Jason #

    Uh… yeah, she wins w/ that video.

  5. Josue #

    Oh. My. God. She is the sexiest woman alive! I have loved her since I first saw her! But lately, I had not been paying to much attention to her!! Now i am going to be dreaming of her day and night.

  6. Vanna #

    That video is going to crash this site with all you guys watching it over and over. Be careful of your keyboards I’m sure they are not drool proof! Just remember I warned you on both counts!

  7. stargazer #

    “But that video does surprise me a bit. I thought she was more stuck up than that.”

    Yeah, me too. Maybe whe really needs the attention? πŸ˜‰

  8. stargazer #

    ^^sorry I meant ‘maybe She needs the attention’.

  9. H Solo #

    Well, she got it!

  10. Linda #

    Kids, back away from the computer just listen to the nice music.

  11. Don #

    That melted my mousepad!

  12. 12

    Can’t … stop … watching …

  13. Vanna #

    Well I didn’t look at the video again, I just wanted to see what was being said. πŸ˜›

  14. 14

    OK, now where is the corresponding “Sexiest Man Alive” video. It’s only fair!

  15. 15

    I don’t expect them to make one. But if they do, we’ll put it up — just for you.

  16. DJ PETE #

    Simply stunning. πŸ™‚

  17. Alexis #


  18. The Fastest Man Alive #

    Too amazing for words …

  19. 19

    LOL I agree with Kathleen. And by the way who sings that song it great.

  20. Rachel of Cyberia #

    Check out two of her earlier movies, Cold Comfort Farm and Much Ado About Nothing, made before the Underworld nonsense.

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