A Scene from ‘Creation’


For a movie about evolution and “Origins of the Species” naturalist and writer Charles Darwin, I would have preferred a different title than “Creation.”

Most of you are probably aware of the creationists versus evolutionary theorists battles that continue to rage in the United States, with most of the raging done on the creationists’ side. The battle did not spare this movie. Since its premiere in September 2009, the British movie has had a heck of a time finding a distributor in the U.S. It seemed unlikely it would get one until fairly recently, when the movie was finally allowed to premiere in January — but only in select cities of a, shall we say, more open-minded persuasion.

It may be that the title was intentionally chosen to be ironic in its intent and if that’s the case, said irony is most certainly lost on those who take their creation myth without a healthy dose of doubt. At issue, though, is the clip on view and as such, it’s only mildly revealing of its intent.

The clip features a typically, pastoral British setting, an apparently fairly leisurely picnic with Charles, his wife and a friend whose name I did not catch.

Darwin, he of the inquiring mind, is attempting to provoke a discussion on the issue of procreation amongst human and on God’s overall plan since so many of them will die so that a few might survive. What we are possibly witnessing here is the beginning of Darwin’s religious skepticism and also the beginning of his struggle to reconcile faith and reason when reconciliation, ultimately, will prove impossible. While this discussion is taking place Darwin’s wife pensively looks on but does not add to the debate.

Darwin and his wife are played by the real husband and wife team of Paul Bettany and Jennifer Connelly. Both have proven themselves very reliable actors in other films and its likely that their real life connection would translate to some potent chemistry on screen.

The clip is handsomely produced and it was refreshing to see Darwin portrayed as a vital, young man rather than the usual depiction of him as profusely bearded and seemingly fossilized beyond his years.

The clip was only just satisfying in that it didn’t reveal enough to make me want to scream a “must see” at all cost. However, it might be one to keep in mind if you’re curious about how this thought-provoking subject was handled — providing you’re lucky enough to see it at a theater near you, which, depending on where you live, is probably not much of a certainty at all.

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  1. Josue Sanchez #

    I am totaly opposed to evolution. Yet, it would be an interesting movie to watch. This could be the next controversial movie like “The Davinci Code.” lol 🙂

  2. 2

    It’s bound to polarize because it’s a topic about which people feel very passionate about.

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