A Scene From ‘Minus 8’


I hadn’t heard anything about the Canadian indie thriller “Minus 8” until today, but based on this new extended scene, it looks like it could be pretty interesting.

In “Minus 8,” nine men working in a New Haven hydro facility in the dead of winter start dying one by one soon after they arrive at the plant.

With rapidly decreasing temperatures and dwindling supplies, the remaining men fight to stay alive as they attempt to escape the ruthless killer.

This looks relatively low budget, but earlier this year “District 9” proved sci-fi thrillers don’t have to have big budgets to succeed. This doesn’t look like it will come close to matching “District 9” in quality or depth, but it could potentially be an entertaining thriller.

In this clip, one of the surviving hydro workers learns more about a malfunctioning android connected to the attacks while being questioned about a mysterious project.

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  1. Kat #

    Could be interesting.

  2. Christine #


  3. Disco #

    What’s the status of this movie?

  4. trent z #

    Very cool.