An Alternate Ending for Rob Zombie’s ‘Halloween II’

— by CAM SMITH —

Rob Zombie’s “Halloween II” was among the most dreadful films of 2009; an amateurish, often incoherent, bloody slab of boring, unimaginative pandemonium, overflowing at its greasy brim with childish supernatural symbolism and grimy hillbilly clichés. In all likelihood, it will soon be battling it out with “The Unborn” for the top slot on my annual “Worst of the Year” list.

In preparation for its imminent DVD release on Jan. 12 — in regular format and in (*shudder*) an extended director’s cut — the jolly movie-loving elves at Trailer Addict have posted up the flick’s alternate ending.

(Ahoy, matey! *SPOILERS* be ahead!)

Although not massively different than the original theatrical denouement, this new conclusion slightly alters the final reveal of Laurie Strode’s descent into madness and provides her with a more brutal send-off. As well, the psych ward closing shot seems to be slightly elongated.

Now, while there’s nothing truly wrong with the elements Zombie has chosen to run with here, their execution leaves much to be desired. Trust me when I say that the video link isn’t at fault for the choppy, cruddy-looking footage on display.

There’s another 100 painfully shoddy, borderline incompetent, minutes where this brief unused excerpt came from …

But don’t let me drag you down into my inescapable pit of despair — though if you’d like to hop on in, you can read my original review for the film here — give the clip a glimpse of your own and feel free to voice your impassioned disagreements with me in the comments section.

And if you haven’t yet seen “Halloween II,” skip viewing this clip for now. Or maybe just skip viewing “Halloween II” entirely. Your choice.

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  1. Robert D #

    Crappy movie with a crappy alternate ending. I really hate when they keep shooting a person and that person just keeps standing until it stops I’m sorry but that is just too stupid for me.

  2. Jen #

    I didn’t care for the movie at all.