Behind the Stunts in ‘The Book of Eli’

— by CAM SMITH —

Thus far, the Hughes Brothers (Albert and Allen for the curious) are three-for-three in regards to their fictional film work — I’ve yet to see their “American Pimp” documentary — with “Menace 2 Society,” “Dead Presidents” and “From Hell” all more or less delivering on their promise, if not significantly more. They are a talented duo, with great eyes for memorable shots and an aptitude for building gripping intensity through their actors and carefully crafted and maintained tone and mood.

So why then does their forthcoming post-apocalyptic yarn “The Book of Eli” make me a wee bit nervous?

The film seems to boast an impressive — and reliable — cast of actors in Denzel Washington, Gary Oldman, Mila Kunis and Michael Gambon, an impeccably slick ‘n grimy end-of-the-worth aesthetic and some awesomely brutal-looking doomsday fisticuffs. It’s like the adrenaline-junkie’s answer to this season’s movie version of Cormac McCarthy’s “The Road.”

Yet, that no-confidence release date of Jan. 15 would seem to indicate that the film is quite possibly something of a lost cause; an expensive mess that’s being dumped at the quietest time possible. This may seem somewhat overdramatic, but past Hollywood history speaks strong and clear to this trend.

… or maybe I’m just being paranoid, and the movie will rock the casbah with a vengeance. Either way, we’ll know for certain very, very shortly.

In the interim, aim your sparkling visual cortexes at this new bite-sized featurette on the stunts of the film hosted by our friends and yours over at Trailer Addict. Dying to know if that really was Denzel droppin’ serious science on a batch of raggedy-looking nogoodniks? Look no further than this very clip to uncover the burning answers you seek.

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  1. Robert D #

    I think this movie will rock. I am very excited to see Denzel in this part.

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