Five Clips From ‘Amelia’


One of the movies hoping to get noticed by the Academy Awards this year is “Amelia,” a dramatized biographical film based on the life of Amelia Earhart.

The film chronicles the rise to fame of Earhart (played by Hilary Swank) and her relationship with her husband, publisher George Putnam (Richard Gere).

Directed by Mira Nair, “Amelia” also stars Virginia Madsen, Ewan McGregor, Christopher Eccleston, Cherry Jones, Joe Anderson, William Cuddy and Mia Wasikowska.

The script by Ronald Bass is based on several books, including Mary S. Lovell’s “The Sound of Wings,” Elgin Long’s “Amelia Earhart: The Mystery Solved” and Susan Butler’s “East to the Dawn.”

Look for “Amelia” to land in theaters Oct. 23. In the meantime, here are five clips from the film:

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  1. Prime #

    I can’t remember if I ever thought Hilary Swank was “hot,” but I know for certain that I don’t anymore.

  2. 2

    Thanks for posting these. I’m really looking forward to this film.

  3. Casey #

    I saw the preview Tuesday (20th) and really loved this movie. The flight scenes, especially during her last flight, were fantastic. I’ve already committed to seeing it again with a friend.

  4. SomeKindOfWonderful #

    Great review.

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