Trailer Talk: ‘Determinism’


The trailer for “Determinism” shows how harsh and unapologetic the streets really can be.

Sanjit and Ranju Majumdar, 24-year-old identical twin brothers, are the writers and directors of what they call a “no budget crime epic.”

The following is a production note from the twins that pretty much says it all: Armed with a Sony FX-1 HDV camcorder and a two-man crew (us!), we set out to tell a story we felt needed telling. We believed we could shoot, edit and complete the film within four months. However, our four months stretched to nearly three years of re-writing, re-shooting, re-editing.

And as difficult as shooting a movie like this can be, it seems good enough to play in any theater.

“Determinism” takes place in the fictional town of Narakaville, Pa. To open the trailer, Alec, the film’s anti-hero, gets a terrible call from his family to let him know he is now cut off and on his own. Alec is then set on making money and making it fast. He has convinced his friend Tristan to be the lookout when he robs a local drug dealer. For Alec, it is the only thing he can think to do to move to New York and get a fresh start. The heist turns into a horrible bloodbath, more so than anybody could have imagined. But Alec is past the point of no return and will not leave town without his money.

“Determinism” looks to be one of the grittiest and darkest tales on street life I have ever seen. As you can see from the trailer, it looks to keep you on edge until the final credits.

A release date has yet to be set for the film.

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