A Clip From ‘Bunny and the Bull’

— by TOM ELCE —

For better or worse, the television show “The Mighty Boosh” has been something I haven’t crossed paths with yet. A couple of my friends profess to love the BAFTA-winning series, yet I still know nothing about it. If ever I do watch it, I hope it doesn’t try as desperately hard for funnies as the forthcoming film by “Boosh” director Paul King appears to be trying.

The new clip from King’s “Bunny and the Bull” basically rides the same joke for a couple of minutes — with added quiet time between the repeated punchlines during which, I think, we’re supposed to be laughing. But I’ve seen this kind of thing (basically characters realising that “that’s not where this should come from” or “that’s not how this should be”) done before and better.

So I hope this underwhelming glimpse into the film King’s written and directed shows the worst of what it has to offer, though I couldn’t imagine why the filmmakers would want to showcase this if it does indeed represent the absolute worst of what “Bunny and the Bull” has to offer.

What I do know is that I didn’t laugh once. Maybe I’m in the minority here, but this just doesn’t look very good judging by the brief snippet. For “Boosh” fans, familiar names like Simon Farnaby, Noel Fielding and Julian Barrett are included in the movie’s cast.

For non-fans? I honestly don’t know what there is to appreciate and look forward to here. The basic plot is that of a shut-in guy taking an imaginary road trip within the walls of his apartment based on his prior experiences — whatever that does for you.

“Bunny and the Bull” is set for U.K. release on Nov. 27, with no word on its U.S. date.

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  1. The Project #

    It doesn’t look funny to me either.