Five Clips from ‘Oceans’


In recent years, a slew of documentaries have been created about the Earth. From “Planet Earth” to the even more simply named “Earth,” each has tried to capture the majesty of our planet.

The latest documentary, “Oceans,” further explores what happens on part of the Earth that we normally don’t see.

“Oceans” is a French documentary narrated by Pierce Brosnan. “Oceans” covers not just what goes on beneath the sea, but land animals that affect its life and what effect the ocean has on our lives.

While I have to admit that I have seen none of these documentaries, I can’t deny that “Oceans” looks interesting. From seeing what goes on under sea level to great cinematography, “Oceans” won’t be boring (and I’m sure some of the ladies in the audience will find Brosnan’s voice equally as captivating.)

The clips below show us some ocean life and one shows how forceful the ocean can be. My favorite clip is the birds dive-bombing into the ocean to get at a school of fish. The school of fish then starts swimming in another direction when dolphins try to scatter them. It’s like an orchestra. The final clip with the penguins is just plain adorable as well.

Disneynature’s “Oceans” will hit theatres on Earth Day (April 22).

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    French documentaries about the natural world have carved out quite a niche for themselves and an enviable reputation. This looks to be a series well worth watching.

  2. graydogg51 #

    I have seen Planet Earth, and Earth. Earth is 70% reused footage from Planet Earth and 30% unused footage (thats factual). That being said it was a letdown because of that. Hopefully Oceans isn’t the same way. I hope to find out this weekend.

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