Here’s How You Can Get to ‘The Greek’


Russell Brand is back as his hilarious character from “Forgetting Sarah Marshall,” Aldous Snow, the lead singer of the band Infant Sorrow. In the new movie “Get Him To The Greek,” Jonah Hill plays Aaron Green (a different character than his previous role in “Forgetting Sarah Marshall”), a junior music exec (with Diddy as his boss!) who is charged with getting Aldous from London to L.A.’s Greek Theater. The problem: Aldous’s hardcore partying is keeping Aaron occupied and the pair from getting to L.A.

If you’re a “Sorrowsucker” dying to see “Get Him to the Greek,” all you have to do is cover Brand’s new song to win tickets to the movie premier and after party in L.A. on May 25. The new Infant Sorrow song, written by “Forgetting Sarah Marshall’s” Jason Segel, is called “Bangers, Beans and Mash.” Is it a song about sexual innuendos or a British dish? Not sure. It’s no “Inside of You,” but we’ll take it.

Check out for more info on the contest. Even if you don’t win the whole shebang, 20 runners-up will get some Infant Sorrow swag.

The movie opens nationwide June 4.

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  1. Dee #

    Get Him To The Greek is the Greatest film ever made. I Preordered it and have watched it 8 times in 3 days.

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